What We Do

Dietary Supplements

We want to help provide you with the best way of delivering your products so as to accommodate the needs of your consumers. We provide ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes that can be put into tablet, capsule, softgel, gelcap, powder, and liquid form. We also offer custom formulation, label design, and packaging. We look forward to serving you with our high quality products, great service, and unbeatable prices. 

Specialty Ingredients

We are proud to introduce a new dietary ingredient, Rexflavone. Rexflavone is the US FDA NDI notified pure extract of the Sophora Japonica Linne fruit, and has been clinically proven to relieve menopause symptoms. Additionally, we have an array of nutraceutical ingredients which are highly efficacious, known for their positive acclaim in the industry’s leading health fields. 

Global Strategy

We are also an international exporter and distributor of nutraceutical, natural, and organic goods manufactured in the US. With strategically located offices, warehouses, and sales and distribution partners in Asia, we are able to offer a wide range of turnkey solutions for businesses looking to expand their business in the global market. Since 2007, we have partnered with numerous domestic brands, both small and large. We have successfully launched their products across various international markets, helping them increase brand awareness and broaden their brand’s influence overseas. 

Our Service

Private formula & Contract manufacturing


 Custom nutritional supplements are great for both bringing attention to your brand, as well as building a loyal customer base. 

We are committed to following the latest market trends so that your dedicated account manager can help you create custom supplements with the latest innovations and highest quality ingredients, transforming raw materials into the finished product. We provide a wide range of premium quality, time-tested,and proven formulations that can be packaged using your brand, logo, and/or label. 

We have a long history of working with clients in creating their custom vitamins and supplements. Your dedicated account representative will consult with you to discuss the purpose, focus, and target market of your custom supplements. When discussing with your account representative, we consider variables like taste, color, product form, and dosage so that we can formulate the best product possible. 

Custom supplements may be as simple as a single ingredient formula, or varied with a complex mix of ingredients. Our R&D team can develop your custom dietary supplements by creating a completely original formulation, or even modifying an existing concoction. Each custom nutritional supplement goes through rigorous testing to ensure that your product meets our high manufacturing standards. As with all of our products, your custom supplements are produced in a cGMP compliant and FDA registered facility. 

We also offer a base of over 100 stock formulations, all of which can be privately labeled with a small minimum order requirement. Our private labeling solution allows you to launch your brand quickly without having to incur a large upfront fee. We also specialize in high quality label design services that can accentuate your brand’s identity. 

International Distribution


  • Product Sourcing: Finding a qualified, trustworthy, reliable, price competitive global source 
  • Factory due diligence and product development, from inception to prototyping 
  • Procurement assistance and production management 
  • Shipment of the product from the offshore factory to the importer’s destination 
  • Booking of cargo for oceanic or air freight transportation 
  • Tracking of shipments 
  • Local delivery to the client’s destination 

Global marketing & Turnkey solution


Aside from handling your import/export needs, we also focus on the following aspects of the exporting process to ensure maximum ROI: 

  • Digital/Offline Marketing 
  • Brand Reputation Management 
  • Market Intelligence & Research 
  • Utilizing our Inbound 

Marketing Solutions focused on minimizing costs and increasing ROI to build your Brand. Our in-house marketing team can help your business take the next step of growth by building a solid digital presence online. 

From website design to search engine optimization, 

we can assist with your online marketing services at a fraction of the cost of standard internet marketing agencies. Contact us today to discuss your internet marketing needs. 

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